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RE: [APD] Re: Fe and PO4

Does this mean that mixing the traces (50 gm CSM+B), potassium sulfate (12
gm), phosphate (one bottle Fleet), and 20 liters RO water in the Aquadose is
not as good an idea as I had thought? (NOTE: This solution is fed over a
period of about 16 days.)

>> In particular the PO4+Fe reaction is quite quick,
forming very insoluable salts.>>

>Yep, we add Fe to water to remove PO4 sand preciptiate it out of the water
Then it ends up in the sediment and is slowly reduced back into soublke
Not really a long term solution:)>

>>1. Try to add everything dry if possible, and allow everything to mix
well in the tank before adding additional components.  Try and keep the
phosphate as far away from other chemicals as possilbe in terms of
dosing time, especially iron based trace.>>

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