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[APD] Re: erythromycin for BGA

Simple, save your money and don't buy it.
Do this:
Clean your tank well, remove all the BGA you can.
Do 50% water change.
Turn off light and CO2.
Cover tank with towle/Trash bag etc, so that no light gets in there.
Aerate if you wish or add more surface current.
Add 1/4 teaspoon per 25 gallons of tank of KNO3(=>Grant's stump remover,
see Home Depot etc)
Wait 3 days,
Do water change again, add KNO3 back again(same amount)

Now you do not have BGA.
Now keep adding KNO3 and feed your plants.

This will prevent the BGA from ever coming back.
It's been 100% effective also.
So is erythromycin for killing it but does nothing to prevent reoccurances.

No pill will ever do that for you and no erythromycin advice has ever
suggested how to keep if from coming back without more drugs.
The NO3 connection was never made by using erythromycin.
Look to cause, not just the "cure". Then that solves the problem for the
long term and also improves the plant health.
Erythromycin does not improve plant health nor is a nutrient.

So break the Habit.
Be smart, don't start.

Tom Barr

Tom's method is probably the most natural way to do it, but I noticed last
week that I had a case of BGA in my 240. I tossed a 1/2 dose of E-mycin in
the sump, and the BGA was gone in two days. Easier for the lazy planted tank
keeper than the blackout method, but not necessarily better. In my tanks,
BGA usually rears it's ugly head when the tank is overgrown and the plant
mass has significantly reduced water circulation in the tank, but this is
once a year at best.

Some E-mycin and a good prune usually takes care of it.


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