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Re: [APD] RE: erythromycin for BGA

>Do water change again, add KNO3 back again(same amount)
>Now you do not have BGA.

Not visibly perhaps, but it's still in there. While I would recommend
your method over anything else, if you do want to sterilize your tank
of all red algae, use h202 at 500-1000 ppm. store 3% stuff is 30,000 ppm.
Just do the math on your tank (L x w x h / 231 = us gallons). Take any
animals out, put them over course gravel for as many days as it takes
for them to crap out the last of the algal cells. The H202 will
have broken down into oxygen and water by then.

I have a suspicion red algae is very sensitive to this stuff and
I think but have not confirmed properly yet that it will kill
it in 100 ppm doses. At that level it *should* be safe for
fish and plants and invertebrates.

I'd try tom's methoinf first though.


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