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RE: [APD] 120 gallon Algae Issue

At 12:44 PM 11/22/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>The truth is, I bought these fish because I needed something to start
cycling my tank with and they were cheap and local. They were sold to me as
lamp-eye tetras (6 for $4.00). I've ignored them since I dropped them in the
tank and they take care of business on their own. I always thought you were
supposed to dry out the eggs or something, but clearly that is not always
the case.

Nah, there's actually very few killies you really need to dry
out the eggs, most are plant spawners and lay adhersive and
extremely tough (you are hard pressed to crush one between
your fingers) eggs, usually in fine leaved plants. I say usually
because some lampeyes lay eggs in crevices in rocks.

Lampeyes have a very small but cult-like following. They
range from 3/4 jobs to the Tanganykan lampeye, Lamprichthys
tanganicanus nearly inches long, and and mist un-killi-like
killi. It looks like a slender ble sardine and behave about like
one too.


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