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RE: [APD] 120 gallon Algae Issue

The truth is, I bought these fish because I needed something to start cycling my tank with and they were cheap and local. They were sold to me as lamp-eye tetras (6 for $4.00). I've ignored them since I dropped them in the tank and they take care of business on their own. I always thought you were supposed to dry out the eggs or something, but clearly that is not always the case.

It goes to show:
Happy plants make fish horny.

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>Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus.

Nice fish. You might find of interest aquabid.com in the killies
eggs section. There's a bunch of Procatopus and Plataplocheilus
for pretty good prices. The number of species comes and goes
there were 3 when I looked a few days ago, but the guy cranking
them out has a bunch - I think at least 8 species and several
populations of certain ones.

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