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[APD] Re: An Unusual Stream in Jamaica

Beaker Wrote;

>I'm really surprised no one posted a response on that stream in
>Jamaica.  What a beauty, I can see why you were so excited about it. 
>Please _do_ post a follow-up when you have tested water/soil info.
>Scott aka beaker

I'm not at all supprised no one posted a response.  I didn't post much
commentary or try to draw much attention in my post to the article.  It is
what it is.  I let it speak for itself.  I plan on sending my contact a few
test kits and requesting his help for some emperical info.  It will be a
while though.  Will post an update in this forum when I learn more. 


Richard J. Sexton:

>I'm on dialup and am still looking at the AGA result pictures. It's
>on my list of things to read though :-)


As a killie expert, do all the Cubanichthys pengelleyi in the local market
come from that original shipment back in '82?  Do you know if anyone has
been bringing in more of them since?  Its a neat little fish and I'd sure
like to get some locally.

Derek Parr:

>seemed like kind of a sad story to me.
>dead kid..  man on the lam..  and non-local plants taking over.
>doesn't make the hobby look good.
>but thanks to Dwight for reporting on it.
>Bad knowledge still beats ignorance.
>but on the other hand...
>    pretty plants ;]

Yes, it is a sad story.  That tragic turn of events unleashed all these
exotics in a virgin system. And those plants are spreading down stream...
especially the belanse.  Fortunately, the location is not far from the sea.
 Notice the stream is not rippling.  Most water bodies in Jamaica have no
native plants though.  

Here is "Hope River" I also visited in search of any unkown to the hobby
local plants. Nothing was found (native or non-native):
http://www.floridadriftwood.com/plantinfo/farm27.jpg  My contact says this
river was teeming with green swordtails here for years.  This is also an
introduced species.  They were introduced maybe in the 60's as red sword
tails but reverted to their wild-type form so he says.  

Since the hurricanes combined with some deforestation, they are very hard
to find in this stretch of water.  I didn't see any on this trip.
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