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[APD] Re: Barr Method

Thanks, Tom. I will be looking forward to TheBarrReport.com. Anything that adds to the accumulated body of experience will add to this wonderful hobby.

I've been keeping tanks on and off for 37 years. My planted tanks have been more glorious than ever over the last 8 years thanks to the accumulated wisdom and advice of the APD and sites like George Booth's and The Krib. Since I left the chemistry laboratory 18 years ago, I am reluctant to turn my relaxation into a science experiment, though I still recognize a scientific fact when I see one. The "Barr Method" seems to be much more in the way I tend my garden - watch the plants, not the numbers. I used to mess with all sorts of test kits (Fe, NO3, gH), now I just check pH once and a while. My experience confirms your observation about too much light and not enough CO2. CO2 seems to be one of the most important factors for stable, steady plant growth with a minimum of algae. Another is regular water changes. (The dreaded "green water episode" of recent memory. Still crystal clear, by the way!). Also sufficient levels of potassium, lest the anubias look like Swiss cheese.

For the benefit of us "newbies" (advanced and beginners): What precisely do you mean by "nutrients" (macro and micro) and how much do you "dose" when you write, "Dose nutrients 2-4x a week"?

Eagerly awaiting TheBarrReport. Move over Drudge!


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