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Re[2]: [APD] RE: Brush algae

>>TB> Maintain this.
>>TB> Get in there and trim off the BBA and then correct things.
>>I was planning on doing that today. It is going to be a hell of a
>>trim and cleaning of the filters, this stuff is so hard to clean.

RJS> Squirt 5cc of H202 onto it. It'll turn pink overnight, then white,
RJS> then just falls off and in almost all cases the leaf underneath is
RJS> unscathed. It has not made any of my crypts melt.

Well, my plants found the hard way, somebody ate their leaves. :)
Since every crypt has 3 or 4 leaves that are alright, i hope they will
grow back. The others are fast growers, so it should be a problem, as
long as they begin to grow back.
Leaves i think it are easier to prune, it's the filters and equipment
the hard stuff to clean, now i have two methods h2o2 and bleach. I
think i used once a long time ago, hot diluted bleach.


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