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[APD] RE: Brush algae

TB> Black brush?

It is definitely black.

TB> Well, you still need to add KH2PO4.
TB> Fish food produces a dissproportionate amount of nitrogen to PO4.
TB> Adding PO4 will ibncrease your NO3 and NH4 uptake rates by 1-5x FYI.

Ok, then i will dose again PO4. Its hard to know if you got to little
or too much PO4.

TB> See what the CO2 is at the end, not the beginning of the lighting peroid.
TB> What size is the tank?
TB> Do you use DIY CO2?
How could i forget, size does matter :) 55 gallon, pressurized CO2. Am
I  on  the  short  on  the  watts/galon?  Because  i  have  common 30w
fluorescent  bulbs,  but  which  one  is  more  important? intensity 6
fluorescent  30w  or  spectrum 4 grolux 20w and 2 30w fluorescent. The
tank is 19.69 inches high, and i have 3.5 inches of sand and mulm. 20w
fluorescent bulbs are short since my tank is 39 inches long.

TB> Sounds like a tank stall from low CO2/PO4.
TB> Add the KNO3 after the water change only(about 10ppm worth).
TB> Add K2SO4 mid week.
TB> Add KH2PO4 2-3x a week.
TB> Add more CO2(error to the higher side and keep any eye on fish)  

This is definitely a change in the routine. :)
Doing the math it should be something like this
3/4 teaspoon of KNO3 after water change
2 teaspoon of K2SO4 mid week
and a little bit of KH2PO4 2-3x a week
CO2 more bubbles per minute without killing any fish :)

TB> Maintain this.
TB> Get in there and trim off the BBA and then correct things.
I was planning on doing that today. It is going to be a hell of a
trim and cleaning of the filters, this stuff is so hard to clean.

TB> Regards, 
TB> Tom Barr


Diego Carmona

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