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[APD] Re: "Barr Method" Principles

Tom, would you be willing to jot down the basics of the "Barr method"? I know you've probably done this before, and it probably can be gleaned from your prior posts, but it's good for these ongoing discussions to occasionally summarize things for the benefit of those who may have dropped in late on the conversation. I've tried to locate a definitive e-mail on the search engine, but can't quite find what I'm looking for. So, if you could Tom, on behalf of all of us low maintenance hobby types who want lush plants, crystal clear water, little to no algae, without turning our tanks into some sort of junior high science fair project, tell us the basic principles of the "Barr Method" we've been kicking around here. You needn't run it through a spell checker or grammar checker. ;-) Just the basics.



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