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[APD] Getting more plant folks to come to meetings

>>Here in South Florida, a tiny group of people is trying to form a plant
society with
regular meetings and plant swaps. If anyone here on the APD is interested
in plants
and lives in the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward, and the Palm
Beaches) or can just
come down to the occassional meeting, further information can be found at:


If there is enough interest, we may have a meeting in late December-early
January at my
place featuring an aquascaping workshop, lots of aquascaping books and
Aquajournals to peruse,
and a look at my emersed setup (25 species of Cryptocoryne!).


Carlos, make sure to ask the LFS and chain stores to allow you to put up
fliers somewhere obvious about your group.
This will help a lot.

Many lost souls wander into LFS and chains looking for enlightenment and
As Bishop of Florida, you can bring these heathenous plant killing masses
into the flock/garden but you must be a missionary with a purpose.

Advertising helps:-)
Most shops are cool with clubs.

Many folks come there looking and see something like that with a nice pic
of one of your tanks, they will get involved.
You can pick them off the web also, but this hair grass roots approach
helps more than many think.

Saying things like plant swap, free plant give aways, sell old junk etc,
not too much as to threaten the LFS's, mind you, but enough to entice the
10-20 people with 2-6 people really into it makes for a nice local club.
Tom Barr

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