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[APD] Re: Heat exchanger - was aluminum in the aquarium

"Just a thought, but if you need further temperature reduction there is another possibility you might try. Depending on where you are located geographically you may be able to get very good cooling performance from some pipe buried outdoors maybe 6-12" down. I tried this once here (outside Detroit, in Michigan) with maybe 20 feet buried about 4-6" (one shovel depth :-) and was able to get a few hundred watts of dissipation very nearly continuously. ::snip:: It's very effective cooling in the northern latitudes, probably wouldn't work so well if you were in southern Texas :-) "

Hi Bill,

I'm in Austin and we used that very method to cool a 30,000 square foot branch bank building. We drilled -lots- of holes very deep to get to the cool parts of the ground. It was a big lot, so we had plenty of room to srpead out. In Texas we pay a premium on electrical peak demand, so not having a chiller switch on makes a big difference. Dunno how it would affect the core temp of the earth if everyone did it. (Lame reference to the movie The Core.)


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