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[APD] Barr method basic info

Hi all I have been a lurker for a long time now and was considering going over to the "Barr side" of aquatic gardening. I currently have a 55 w/ DIY Co2 that I run for a few weeks when my plants get a bit tired looking (the older leaves get worn or I feel like making the swords flower) and dose at low levels w/ seachem flourish and trace, doubling it when running Co2. The tank looks great but I find I sometimes get a bit of stringy algae on the older growth, and often have a weird hair type that hangs on the glass, it is quite sparse and never more than a few millimeters in length- neither of which are ever more than a nuisance. Bio load is  6 large rainbows, a 4" discus, about a dozen small/med tetras,  about a dozen dwarf frogs, 3 small botias, 6 banjo cats, and 9 pygmy cats.  The tank has a dirt (organic topsoil)  /sand/vermiculite/fluordepot (the tank was set up about a year ago and I think that was what it was called- it was a sera product that came in a bucket and had a
 dirt-like consistancy, the fish store I work in no longer carries it) /cocoanut fiber/peat substrate with the dirt/sand being the greatest portions and the over all depth being around 4"- an odd mix I know, it just happened to be what I had on hand (leftovers from a tortoise enclosure project). I have a great carpet of dwarf sag., several swords, some stuff that was simply called "babys tears" on the order sheet, 2 types of red ludwegia (sorry about the spelling), mexican oak and 2 types of rotila and all of these have done great as well as others I have tried in the past- including some hard stuff like glossostigma and heavy feeders like a couple of "dwarf" lotus lilies that decided to leave their day jobs to become many shade umbrellas (I had leaves the size of dinner plates at the rate of 4 every 2 to 3 days!) . The mix I have now seems to work best for the higher temps my new discus will require and at 82 degrees are still thriving. I have 4 48" 40 watt 10,000Ks that ru!
 n around
 15 hours a day. Filtration is a H.O.T. canister tilted for minimal surface disturbing with a weak but still useful powerhead/ sponge combo on the opposite end for circulation. I am still a bit confused by all of the abreviations for the various compounds and haven't a clue as to where to purchase them...let alone where to get reliable but reasonable tests for them (as I mentioned before I am a lowly fish store employee- on a VERY modest income for a single Mom...and did I mention I also have a 75 gal reef tank to support...gotta love this addiction er I mean "hobby" LOL) so any simplification or links regarding them would be most helpful 

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