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Re: [APD] Heat exchanger - was aluminum in the aquarium

>PS: I've noticed that when the tank hits the 'sweet spot' and the plants are 
>pearling, that is when algae vanishes. Is it possible that the algae is 
>being 'oxidized' by the high oxygen level?

That's because under optimum conditions ("the sweet spot") the plants
are in a higher energy state and the chemical reaction that takes the
daily ferts out of thw water takes place more quickly n your higher plants
than in the algae and it startves to death. Bwah ha ha ha ha. Because algae
grows so quickly it dies so quickly, hence it appears to vanish.

Now, I do want you to know I made all that up and in the
unlikely event it actually bears even a slight resemblance
to reality then it is by sheer coincidence.

But I do love the sound of it.


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