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[APD] RE: Brush algae

>The problem is i
> haven't been able to get rid of the brush algae.

Black brush?

> Every week i dose iron, KSO4, MgSO4 and have a little piece of coral
> to raise the carbonate hardness and to provide calcium. I was dosing
> KNO3 and KH2PO4 but since i have a lot of fish my nitrate levels were
> getting pretty high, so I stopped dosing both.

Well, you still need to add KH2PO4.
Fish food produces a dissproportionate amount of nitrogen to PO4.
Adding PO4 will ibncrease your NO3 and NH4 uptake rates by 1-5x FYI.

> My current light level is 4 grolux 20W I couldn't get them of 30w and
> two common 30w fluorescent.
> My PH=6.8 and KH=6 so i have around 28ppm of co2 at the beggining of
> the photoperiod, recently i increased the level of co2 a little, the
> fish didn´t seem to notice.

See what the CO2 is at the end, not the beginning of the lighting peroid.
What size is the tank?
Do you use DIY CO2?

. Everything grows slow, gets covered in the long
> run  by  this algae and is driving me mad. I was getting a nice carpet
> with  the  sagitaria, now the older leaves are covered with this black
> stuff, and stopped growing.

Sounds like a tank stall from low CO2/PO4.
Add the KNO3 after the water change only(about 10ppm worth).
Add K2SO4 mid week.
Add KH2PO4 2-3x a week.
Add more CO2(error to the higher side and keep any eye on fish)  

Maintain this.
Get in there and trim off the BBA and then correct things.

Tom Barr

> What am i doing wrong? this algae won´t go away. do i have to become
> mister clean and prune every leaf covered in this stuff, wash my
> filters, etc, until i get bored.
> Diego

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