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Re: [APD] Heat exchanger - was aluminum in the aquarium

It would have to be a very large fan turning very slowly. A
6" fan would be doing good to produce only 11db while
moving mere 12 cfm.

But then, I don't think there are any standards for the db
measurement. The db level depends on how far away from the
fan the measurement is taken. I can't hear the fans in the
house next door at all ;-)

--- Norman Hicks <zapus at alltel_net> wrote:

> > . . . using a 1200 CFM computer fan to pull
> air across the 
> > radiator. (The fan is rated at 11 dB so air 
> > volume . . .

> Just curious to know where you found a 1200 CFM fan that
> only puts out 11 
> dB? Brand names and models numbers, please ;<)

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