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Re: [APD] Re: repetition of posts

If you just click reply, and you get the posts in digest
form (in large groups at once), then your response will be
quoting the entire digest in your response. This is often
more info than people need or want and part the cause of
recent criticisms.

If you get the posts one at a time (not digest mode), and
you just select reply, then you will quote the entire post
to which you are responding, even if the whole post is not

Things are less bulky if you edit out everything that you
think is not relevant to your reply before you send your

I you remember to cut them, tag lines, signatures, footnote
ads, and the like can almost always be edited out without
harm -- except for mine, of course ;-)

Hope that helps,
Scott H.
--- REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote:

> I am a newbie to this list situatio, and I don't
> understand the mechanics of 
> what is being discussed.  I understood that when I
> posted, I was supposed to 
> click on reply, and change the subject line
> appropriately.  Is there something 
> else I should be doing?

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