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[APD] Re: Algae


It seems that algae control is the most contentious single subject that is
discussed here.  Could it be that we were all algae once, before the
Creation, and feel a kinship toward it?

I have several tanks with algae growth ranging from "little if any" to "a
lot."  The range is due to the fact that I experiment, although not too

It has been said that excessive algae can be best treated by creating
conditions in which the plants flourish, ether by supplemental feeding
and/or by increasing the amount of light and/or by increasing the CO2 or, in
some cases, by adding fish that eat it.  They all make sense to me.  But
there are other approaches.

I have a mature, low light, non-CO2 tank which looks good (by my relatively
low standards, anyway) in which the plants grow well.  The only algae
problem is that some smooth black stuff grows on the anubia and older java
fern leaves, which over time makes the tank look dark and rather gloomy.
Others have also reported this.

Since the plants are already growing reasonably well and there is no other
discernable algae present, every two or three months I dip the anubias in a
5% bleach solution and clip off the worst of the java fern.  That solves the
problem with minimal cost and effort.  (The anubias are secured to small
rocks or pieces of wood so that removal is easy.)

This conflicts with the conventional wisdom, but it works for me.

There are many different opinions about algae and the way to deal it.  Each
has adherents; some adherents advocate several ways, sometimes with emotion.
I think that's cool; it makes for good reading, particularly when the
acolytes of the main contenders chip in.


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