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[APD] RE: pruning

> Yikes! We don't need APD anymore, just Tom! :)
> OK, I know I am going to get LOTS of hate mail now.  If my previous post 
> didn't  piss people off, this certainly will.

It did not piss me off, why should it?

> Back to lurking and waiting for something interesting.
> Robert Hudson
> www.aquabotanic.com

Naw, as long as humor is funny.
The APD is one of the main reasons I am doing this.
The other is getting folks to do better with plants not just in the USA on
the net, but in the LFS's and other countries/languages.
Small dreams of ultimate and total plant tank world domination:-)
Actually.... I am serious about that.
I am not particularly partial to any system nor method really, each has
it's own unique beauty that is both art and science.
Art is subjective and science is much less so. 
A nice mix of each is good.

Tom Barr 

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