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Re: [APD] How to get rid of BGA?

>1.  Whats the best way to kill the BGA so it wont be so sticky and 
>easier to remove?   H2O2? Bleach?  (I've got no problem moving the fish 
>to a bucket for a few days)  So, how much bleach or H2O2?  Or is there a 
>better way?   Keeping in mind that I have alot of a frilly cabomba 
>looking plant that has got BGA all in it like bubblegum in hair all the 
>way to the tops.  How do I get the stuff out of this plant?

Bleach is used in 1:19 bleach to water, for 3 minutes.

H202 - unknown. Here is what I do know. Up to 1cc/gal is safe for
all plants, shrimp snials and fish. The only caveat here is you
have no circulation a stupid shrimp might wander into a "hot"
area where there's a high percent of H202 and croak. This will
not kill all of it systematically, but you will get your leaves back
as the crap drops off. Most plants are unaffected, crypts don't
seem to mind a bit. Things I've seen that are sensitive to it and
may lose a leaf or two: lillies, hornwort, egeria and soft stem plants.
None were killed though.

As a dip, the US govt has a recommendaiton of 250-500 ppm
for fish/eggs and 500-1000 ppm for plants. But they don't
say for how long! I'm still experimenting there.

While still a bit risky this is what you could do. Remove
all fish and dump in one 500 ml bottle of H202 for each
30 gallons. After an hour chnage most of the water. Twice.

You'll need to keep the fish over very course gravel or
small stoes so they excrete any algal cells. Three days
ought to do it, longer if cold or they're "slow" in this
sort of thing. 

H20@ sets back plants much less than bleach, but it's effect
is greatest on red algae species (such as BBA). I've seen it
not touch certain green algae, but I don't care about
green algae, they're not an issue. That black staghorn crap
is the stuff I want extnict.


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