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[APD] RE: 120 gal algae issue

> As you can guess by the title, Anytime I come home after a particularly
sunny day I have nice green algae on my tank glass. I scrub it off and
everything is beautiful. I don't get algae on my plants, it only grows on
the glass facing the window.

Since the blinds are off limits, what about a towel etc over the tank
during the day till you folks come home?

I once had a similar issue with a light getting into one end of a nearby tank and causing some problems. My solution was to cut a piece of posterboard to fit the end of the tank. A few pieces of tape held it up, and it could be easily removed without leaving residue all over the glass (like a tank backing sheet would).

BTW, if you need to tape things like this up, I have found that the 3M brand *colored* electrical tape, which is more expensive, seems to be less prone to leaving sticky goo on things when you peel if off. Just some info from my experience with taping stuff to other stuff :-)


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