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[APD] Not about plants....

This post is not about aquatic plants.... but it is (or ought to be) relevant to the list...

Can folks PLEASE be more careful about quoting prior messages. Ever hear of the correct way to "cut and paste"? Nobody needs to re-read a whole prior post or Heaven forbid, a whole prior edition of the Digest to get your point.

Most e-mail applications now have spell checkers included - it would help if folks learned how to use them.

This may just be a twig in my side, but I also wish that posters use standard names for plants. A recent thread referred to Vallisneria as "vallis". "Vals" I can see, but "Vallis"??? I've long gotten over the fact that many folks can't (or just won't) use scientific names, but I don't see the need to coin any more common names for common plants.

This list has an international membership - help those who might be reading your posts (and who don't know your particular local "slang") by making them easy to read and to understand.

To Tom Barr - I look forward to your book, I hope that it will be proofread more carefully than a lot of your recent posts. I understand that such things take time, but a lot of your posts are almost impossible to understand due to the way that you cut and paste without reference to the original. A lot of times, I have to reread a section several times to figure out what you are trying to say. Once I've figured it out, I usually agree with what you say, but you could make it easier on readers by more careful editing.

I realize that this might rub some folks the wrong way, please direct any and all flames to damned-if-I-care.com.


James Purchase

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