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RE: [APD] TheBarr report. com and Plant Fest 2K5


That is an extremely ambitious and selfless undertaking for both of you.
I for one both eagerly anticipate and applaud your efforts.


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Greg Watson and I have decided to do something worthwhile for the hobby
and something that will eventually end up as the long awaited book. Each
month, we will produce an on line interactive chapter that will become a
book on aquatic macrophytes.

I will select some old post, sotries from past postings and various
articles I've written over the years. I will discuss "Barr's Laboratory"
also. This will be a simple approach to testing myths and sertting up
test that will show reasonable results for the average hobbyist and
future ideas and directions.

I've never had a web site except the various forums and list I write to
so this is a long time coming. 
You all can wait a year, or read the chapters as they come out.

I will detail out a number of set ups with photo's and little projects.
There will be graphs. There will be references to follow up things on.

When I post, it's difficult to supply all of these elements in each

But the end result will be something much more cohesive and able to send
off to those who are interested in aquatic weeds. Eventually, we will
try to find a universal translator as these are becoming better and
better so folks in Japan, China, Russia, Italy and across the globe can
read and discuss aquatic plants. That will be later. Anyone on the web
can join.

Greg is an excellent asset to the hobby, extremely well versed in
business/web, sells PMDD supplies to hobbyist for dirt to help folks
out, not to make $. Those that know me also realize I'm not in this for
the $ as well and with this is mind, this should turn into a good
project with a good goal from the onset.

That kind of direction is good for everyone.

Greg and I are still working through this, but stay tuned for "The Barr

Plant fest 2K5 will be happening this summer also. I plan to get Karen
Randall and perhaps Amano in the water for gator bait this year and if
you ever wanted a large amount of driftwood, petrified wood or weeds,
this is the place. I will also try to do the Marine reef, mangrove macro
algae collecting trip in the Keys the following 3 days this time. It
will be more a Macro algae identification class and both trips are very
fun even if you do not care nor own a plant tank or a marine tank. I've
had people come that were like that and they had a good old time. I'm
hoping for July this year. It will be limited to about 15 people. We
will visit a plant wholesaler perhaps this year(FAN or Suwannee labs)
but I think folks are packing in as much as they can in the 3 day event
as humanly possible but I'm considering it. The Marine version will wear
you out also but there is still plenty of time to relax on a beach, stop
in Key West for a night of Tom Foolery and some good seafood places.
Dorm style Marine lab lodging runs about 22$ a night for the 3 days. 

More info later


Tom Barr


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