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[APD] Heads up

For some of you folks who are interested in searching for more in-depth technical information, please see text below posted through another plant list:

"Yesterday, I was made aware of a new search engine that searches the
literature and not commercial websites.  It is by Google, and is the beta
version of Google Scholar.

I typed in: juvenility + plant, and got a list of published papers on this
subject and no commercial websites.

It tells you how many times that paper has been cited in
the literature that Google Scholar searches, and if you click on that
number, references for all of these manuscripts come up.

Therefore, it looks like you can cite a specific reference and learn what
papers have cited it, which is a powerful searching tool.

The url is: http://scholar.google.com/

I hope that you find this helpful."

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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