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Re: [APD] Re: Jan Bastmeijer at the AGA convention

>Jan had two talks about crypts.  One talk was on
>growing crypts emerse and the other was more of an
>overview of species.  Jan brought at least three
>species over; zukalii, gasseri, and a wide leaf
>variety of aponogetifolia.  The talk about growing
>crypts emerse was difficult to capture in notes.  I'd
>be happy to send you my PDA captured notes after I've
>deciphered them.  The second talk was similar to his
>web site so I didn't take notes.  
>Both talks were well presented.  I'd recommend getting
>the DVDs when they come out.

I'll have to do that. Where did the plants end up? There
are very few if any of those in North America.


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