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RE: [APD] Vallis problems

Because I'm based in the UK, I think these feeders might be hard to get
hold of.  Would root tabs do the equivalent thing?  Also, people make
pmdd, are pmrt (poor man's root tabs) possible too?  Just a thought.
Would the iron washer (not galvanised etc) be a good idea too (ad from
my other thread - iron revisited)?


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But don't stir up the substrate where you put the spikes.
The result can be green water, a bloom of waterborne algae.

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> At 12:05 PM 11/18/2004 -0000, you wrote:
> >You mention sticking fern/palm plant spike into the
> roots...  could you
> >elaborate please?  How would this help?  What kind of
> fern/palm?  I can
> >imagine vals zapping out nutrients, but I wish they
> could zap a little
> >more NO3 ;o)
> Jobe in the US makes plant food sticks for ferns and
> palms that is
> quite low in Phosphourous and are very slow dissolving.
> Plant tabs
> would probably work too.

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