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[APD] Re: Vals and jobes

>>You mention sticking fern/palm plant spike into the roots...  could you
>>elaborate please?  How would this help?  What kind of fern/palm?  I can
>>imagine vals zapping out nutrients, but I wish they could zap a little
>>more NO3 ;o)

>Jobe in the US makes plant food sticks for ferns and palms that is
>quite low in Phosphourous and are very slow dissolving. Plant tabs
>would probably work too.

Why is low PO4 good?
They are not slow dissolving either.
They also contain NH4 and urea, both of which I clearly have show are excellent ways to grow algae.
I have no issues with any Vals since I got into plants heavy, they are fast growing weeds.

CO2, then NO3(Dose KNO3) and add PO4, that will give the response you are looking for.
You are adding traces already.
If you uproot Vals with the sticks or do not place them deep enough you will get algae.

"I consider my water to be good quality (the other plants thrive) and the
tank receives CO2, iron and trace elements.  The growth is like this?
New leaves grow rapidly, but the slightly older leaves tend to rot very
quickly. "

All that's missing here is NO3, PO4, so dose that.
KNO3 is cheap and so is KH2PO4/Fleet enema.
Add 2-3x a week, same for the traces.

That will address the Vals.

Tom Barr

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