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Re: [APD] Bamboo shrimp requirements

Pete wrote:
> Hello, been trying to find info on bamboo shrimps but it's hard to find
> so thought I'd ask here.   I'm always looking for the 'different' animal
> look in my tank ;)
> First I have a 90 gal with a med fish load (lots tetras and small fish),
> lots of plants, CO2 inj.

I have a similar tank, though no CO2 -- I just grow low-light weeds. :) I have 2 of bamboo shrimp and they are thriving. In fact I plan to get a few more next time the LFS has them. I recently read that they can display some territorial behavior if you have a small group.

> - Are they jumpers? Currently running without a glass top on my tank for
> more light.
They don't really jump, but they do crawl around so driftwood decor that
leads out of the water might not be good.  I have mine in an open top
tank and never had one escape.

Agreed... they won't jump but if they can WALK out of the tank they may. I did have one crawl up a hose, escape, and go on a field trip in the living room. (He had been out of the water probably less than an hour when I found him, I put him back and he was fine.)

> - What's the usual cost.  Store has them at $19cdn which is the most
> I've ever seen for any type of shrimp.  Don't know if that's standard or
> a premium for a new 'exotic'

Here in Seattle Petcos have them for about $5. I certainly wouldn't pay more than $7, but they are fairly easy to find down here.

Good luck, they are cool critters and they don't eat your plants. :)

- Matt

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