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[APD] RE: killing algae vs growing weeds

>Tom Barr said (and has said many times before): "Good growth tanks have no
>This is simply not true.  Many of us, many, have tanks with wonderful plant
>growth, and still have algae.  I can grow nearly anything in my tank (and
>the plants grow fast, too) but I still have algae.
Not really, you can have both at the same time, add some NH4 for example.
Poor CO2 during part of the day will still give good general growth and
also algae. 
But as you get closer to the plant's needs algae does indeed slow down and
stop in most case cases in a well maintained plant tank. 
Plants need stable nutrients/CO2.

>A related statement that is sometimes made is that with proper mixture of
>fertilizers (including CO2) and light, then there will be no algae. 

It will not kill the algae that is there, it will stop the growth of new
algae if you do things correctly. Once you do that, it's all downhill.
If you have problems getting good CO2 and decide to also have high light
etc, well, that's not focusing on the plant's needs.

> This
>may be true, 

Err why would I lie? :-)

>but it begs the important question:  What is the proper mix?  I
>would pay a lot to someone who could give me a mix of fertilizers that
>stop me from having to clean spot algae from my aquarium walls every two
Try this: add PO4 to at least 0.5-1.0ppm and CO2 at 20-30ppm at the end of
the photocycle(and the beginning) consistently.
If the green spot goes away, eg, does not come back and be a pita, how much
will you pay me?
Add the KNO3 and the traces etc also.
I've told folks what max rates I found for uptake of NO3, PO4, and a much
better CO2 range than the comnmonly suggested 10-15ppm.

>It was interesting at the AGA convention that both Diana Walstad and Amano
>said, in response to questions about specific aquariums they were
>discussing, that they avoided algae by feeding the plants in the substrate,
>not in the water column.  

If that was true, then where is my algae?
I've dosed my water column since the beginning, I don't have algae.
Where is my algae if that is true?
Also, how can the tank ever be limited by nutrients relatiove to the
algae's needs?
They never said much about that did they?
 I know what attached algae need to survive. If you have plant, gravel,
nutrients anywhere in the tank, the algae have plenty to live on .
That entire arguement has been wrong for the last 30 or so years.

This is a relatively simple test any hobbyist can if they desire.
Add PO4 and see if the plant health improves.
See if you get more algae.

If you have green spot, you have either low CO2 or low PO4, one or both.
Can Amano or DW tell you this?

JUst becausde theyb believe that does notm mean they are correct.
Amano does dose after the first start up phase BTW.

>I have two "low tech" tanks which never have
>fertilizers in the water column, and they have essentially no algae.  But
they are (relatively) low light tanks.>

So maybe high light causes algae......
Um don't you have fish and feed them in these tanks?
If so, you fertilize the water column with all the algae need.
But they don't grow, why?
Light and slow growth rate is part of it, but your plant's nutrient needs
are well met at low light/non CO2 with fish waste dsoing alone.

Gee, I've also said that many times as well..............
I can also do the non CO2 and the Amano method well also BTW. 
With or without algae eaters or fish. 

>  I like a well-lit tank, and that
>seems to require some fertilizers in the water column.  And there comes the
 >John Godbey
>Springfield, VA

Suppose I can work through it to the point where you don't have any algae?
Like the non CO2 tank, the issue here is a rate issue.
You need to add more, not less since you have CO2, inorganic ferts etc,
fish waste alone will not do it.
How big is your tank?
What's your CO2 over the course of a day? DIY of Gas tank?

You got algae, I don't, I can help get you there as well. That's up to you.

Try what I suggest and respond back to the CO2 and general routine you do,
you have nothing to lose, you already have algae........
Work with me on this and you will have a nicer tank.

Tom Barr 

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