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[APD] RE: Setbacks Injecting co2 - need help

I have my reactor just below the water surface. That is the top of the pump is just below. Recently my RIO50 gave up - after about 3 years. Now using another small pump. Seems to work similarly.

Note I do not ever turn off my pump. At night I add an airstone when the lights go off. I don't have a solenoid on my co2 so it never shuts off either. Why not try this.

I have best results of pearling when I added another small power head immediately below the reactor - to "blow" the co2 laden water throughout the tank.

Biggest problem with mine is the intake of the pump clogging up with plant debris. And recently a large snail ended it all at the intake.

I would suggest you take off the power head and feel the flow. It should be pretty darn strong. If not open up the adjustment to increase the water flow (agree with recommendation of prior post).

Good luck.

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