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[APD] RE: Setbacks Injecting co2 - need help

Bob Alston and S. Hieber, thanks for the replies. Questions: do you folks also have this large gap of gas in the reactor body during normal operation? Also, how far up from the bottom of the tank does your reactor sit for best results?
What I still can't understand is that the rio powerhead I am using is even the next model up (more gph) than the Vortex models like the ones you got from floridadriftwood.com. The cylinder body dimensions and open cell foam piece at the bottom are the same as well. I am running 1.5 to 2 bubbles/sec. Last night I checked the intake of the powerhead - it wasn't clogged. But the pH doesn't seem to be decreasing, so between that and the BBA and the non-pearling, I don't think the plants are benefitting. I still wonder what I could be doing wrong. Thanks again.

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