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[APD] Re: killing algae vs growing plants

From: "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net>
Subject: Re: [APD] RE: algae killing
To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

At 03:19 PM 11/16/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Thomas wrote:
>> The entire algae killing notion is seriously flawed,
>> if you grow the plants well, then there's no algae issues.

>Yeah well, those of us that don't, need to get rid of it. It
>needs to be killed on new plants coming in. You can, if you
>want have hell alage spores in your tank like a ticking
>time bomb just waiting for the right conditions but I've
>put it on the endangered species list here.

I can say the same and my plants look better as a result of the method I chose, yours addresses none of the plant growth issues associated with plant tanks.

My goal is to grow planted tanks, no worry about algae infestations(as you put it, a time bomb waiting to go off).
To that end, a healthy planted tank goal is achieved and so can anyone else if they chose to.
Your method is a time bomb as well, all it takes is one spore. I can add all the spores and algae I want within reason, no algae growth. 

Even a beginner.   
If you have achieved your goal of algae control, hooray.
But I focus on planted tanks as my goal, not kill algae.
That's what I want, a planted tank. 

If you decide you want a particular goal, go for that, not some side problems that you create(we create the conditions for algae, not just because they are there or not).

It's deceptively simple and effective.
I guess some folks do not want to grow the plants better and worry about their needs, rather enjoy looking at ways to outwit algae.

>Sometimes plants are rescued from stores, jsut covered in the
>stuff. They can be brought back and not be a threat to everything

Same here for my method. I've got some Bolbitus that was a BBA ball from 1991. The BBA died long ago.
I pluck plants from the wilds all the time, yet none of it grows in my tanks. 

>There are tanks that are just buggered with the stuff. It's nice
>that there's a safe systematic treatment that then gives you a fighting
>chage to learn how to grow plants instead of battling alage for

I have not battled algae for many years:-)
Instead, I've moved on from this backwards approach of killing algae, I enjoy things like nice aquascaping and total command of growth and designs in my tanks without no regards for algae, because it simply does not grow:-)
It's much easier and nicer and my tanks look much better than "killin approaches".
>It's one more tool in the arsenal. Maybe you don't need it, but
>there is a need for it.

I suppose, but good growth takes care of algae, if you want so so, sub par growth, have at it.
Good growth tanks have no algae, so only so so to poor growth will produce algae to begin with.
I grow plants and focus on that, not killing algae.

How many tanks win "algae free" contest? :-)
Not any, but that might be your goal, stunted plants without algae.
Everyone has their own vision I suppose....

Tom Barr

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