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[APD] Vallis problems

Hello all
This is going to sound really implausible, but yes, I’ve got problems
growing vallis – lo and behold, giant vallis of all of them!
I consider my water to be good quality (the other plants thrive) and the
tank receives CO2, iron and trace elements.  The growth is like this…
New leaves grow rapidly, but the slightly older leaves tend to rot very
quickly.  The centre of the leaves goes first with holes that grow along
the length of the leaf.  Sometimes I have noticed that the new leaves
almost seem to grow too quickly i.e. the margins of the leaf appear to
grow slower causing the centre of the leaf to wrinkle up causing
deformed leaves.  The leaves tend to be of a more orange/pinkish colour
(admittedly, I’m not too sure if this is normal anyway).  Having looked
up of the web, my initial thought could be lack of magnesium or calcium,
but this cannot be the case as my GH is quite high due to London tap
water.  Similarly, the nitrate is relatively high (about 20-30 ppm) and
I try to keep the KH at about 4 to 6.  I’m certain the fish are not to
blame either.  Anyone have any ideas as to whats going on?

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