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Re: [APD] Death to algae or grow the plants?

At 08:15 PM 11/16/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>well...I have 30ppm CO2, dosing per Tom's instructions, moderate fish load,
and BBA that won't quit, especially on my glosso lawn. So there must be
something missing... maybe it's the super soft water?

BBA will be in your tank LONG before you ever see it. Over time it slowly
grows until the
pint at which it gets critical mass as you can see it.

Where does it come from? Look very carefully at every tank in every place you
get things from to put in your tanks. I swear it'd be easier to enumerate
places where it does NOT occur than vice versa.

Remove the fish, put them over very course gravel and peroxide the
tank at 250 ppm to start. BBA is EXTREMELY sensitive to H202
and low levels will kill it that won't touch say green thread algae.

After three days the fish have crappe dout any spres they're carrying
you can put them back in. If you absolutely quarentine incoming everything
you shouldn't have it come back again, ever.

Every drop of LFS water contains almost every species of algae on the planet,
not a condition often found in nature!


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