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Re: [APD] Death to algae or grow the plants?

Super soft?
Something tells me that tap water is varying in its KH.
If you assume it's the same each time, that might cause some errors.

Add a bit more CO2, even if the kit is measuring 30ppm(uinless the fish don't like it). 
Make sure the KH is 3 degrees.
Test that ph/KH at morning and at night(namely at night when it'll be the lowest).

Keep after that. Removing it from gloss is fairly easy since it grows so fast.
What is your lighting routine?

I think it you reduce that and turn on the lighting fukll blast for 5-6 hours and then back to 110 for 10 total, it'll go away also.
That will put less strain on the CO2.

If that works, then it's still the CO2 that's at issue.

Tom Barr

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well...I have 30ppm CO2, dosing per Tom's instructions, moderate fish load, and BBA that won't quit, especially on my glosso lawn. So there must be something missing... maybe it's the super soft water?

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