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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 Absorption

Bill D wrote:

BTW, the chart shows that my tap water, from a well with a KH of 7+ and a pH
of 7.7 is, well, off the charts. Could the chart have been developed from
experience with a planted tank or from raw water, I wonder.

Umm, either you aren't reading the chart right, or a KH 7+ means means something MUCH MUCH MUCH higher than 7.

A pH of 7.7, with a KH of 7 gives a CO2 level of 4ppm.....

But no, the chart isn't based on any measurements from a tank, etc. It's based on a rather simple formula

CO2 (in PPM) = 3 * KH * 10 to the (7-pH) power....

In either event, I wonder how much CO2 would be produced by respiration in a
"typical" planted tank with fish and other organisms.

Not a significant amount. The rate that CO2 is produced by biological processes is slow enough that any "excess" CO2 will just dissipate into the air. The amount of CO2 that dissolves into or out of the water from the air has a far more significant role in the CO2 level.

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