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Re: [APD] Setbacks Injecting co2 - need help.

>the powerhead just hums

Make sure that the power head is not clogged with debris in its intake. That happens with the powerhead on my similar reactor I got from

Ccheck the pH before and after addition of the reactor to see how effective the system is at reaching your target co2 concentration. My plants don't pearl much but I get much better growth with co2.

My reactor has an open cell foam piece at the bottom, open-end of the reactor, to trap any large bubbles that may not get dissolved before being forced out. I have heard of people using plastic scrub pads (without soap!)

See if when the co2 is bubbling into the reactor, there is sufficient water volume that you get a "churning" action of water and co2 bubbles.

My Powerguild reactor seems to work quite well. http://www.plantguild.com/html/co2.html

Bob Alston
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