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[APD] RE: airborne algae

Andrew McLeod wrote:
> You do know that lots of types of algae is airborne?

Unicellular phyto plankton? I'd reserve judgement on that.

Cyanobacteria? Yes definitely.

Filament algae? No. None. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Ok, if you splash some water with zoospores around and they land in your
tank, then yes. If you dip your fish net or your python into a tank with
zoospores, then yes, you can spread algae especially Spirogyra.
Cladophora and other "heavy" thread algae do not have a motile form as
far as I know. Spirogyra does. Oedogonium does. Spirogyra spreads the
worst but not by airborne spores. Perhaps airborne water droplets....

Re: Scoff-scoff-scoff and back to sleep: ROTFLOL George!


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