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[APD] light fixtures for aquariums

The BC Safety inspector happened to see my aquariums while visiting at
my request for other reasons. He noticed my home made lights which are
ballasts mounted directly on wood. The structural material for most of
my reflectors is wood although I often use aluminum coated metal as the
reflector itself. I need the wood to give the reflector enough strength
and to mount the supports to it.

Apparently our hoods and hanging lighting fixtures made from wood aren't
CSA or UL approved. No surprise since they're home made. According to
the inspector, the ballasts and wiring are supposed to be entirely
within a metal case. Wood just won't do.

Since we don't sell our fixtures, what exactly is the "law" regarding
this? Does it differ from province to province and from state to state?
Where are the regulations? How does this affect our home insurance
policies? Do our governments provide these regulations anywhere
convenient such as on a government website?


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