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[APD] AGA convention

I don't often post because by the time I have read someone's question someone else has already responded. But, it doesn't look like anyone has commented on this year's AGA convention yet so it looks like I get to be the first to post something. This past weekend the AGA held their 5th annual convention in the Washington DC area and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. There were a lot of great speakers and workshops and a huge auction. There was too much good stuff to adequately cover so I will just say that if you are interested in aquatic plants it is very worthwhile going to the AGA convention. In addition to the fine programs it is also a good opportunity to talk to fellow plant fans. I even got to meet the famous Tom Barr :). So if you haven't been to an AGA con yet, I highly recommend you really try to make it to the next one.

Bill Wells

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