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Re: [APD] RE: cables #2 - Ice, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number N. . . .?

Amazing but true. There is some evaporation but that is
solved with topping off. You can use ordinary water for
this and the molecules after a short itme align just like
the rest, just like, well, like Ice Nine.

I've read that rapid alignment, I think Dupla has been
working on this version, can cause cloudiness but the
gradual alignment method yields very clear aligned water.


--- Rob Fowler <aquaria at sarcanthinae_com> wrote:

> > 
> > I did notice a dramatic decrease in the activity of the
> > fish in my tank when I did this but their appeance did
> not
> > degrade so long as I maintained the alignment of the
> water
> > molecules, 
> I have also read on the internets, so it must be true, 
> that fish are fully immune to all disease and parasites 
> when exposed to fully aligned low energy water molecules.

The biggest AGA Convention was an outstanding success. Two presentations by Jan Bastmeijer, two by Amano (one of which, Ben Belton found to be a ribtickler). . .Walstad, Senske, Oliver Knott from Germany, Krombholtz. This was the most broadly international convention so far . . . People came from the USA, England, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Mexico . . .and one from even farther away, Oak Point Texas ;-)
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