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Re: [APD] RE: cables #2 - Ice, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number N. . . .?

Okay, now that we've pretty much re-covered the cables . .
.about his magnetic alignment thing. Why on earth would
aligned molecules be any better than any other arrangement?
This I have seen from first hand experience.

I have noted that water molecules will "naturally" align
due to their bipolar structure if one brings down the
kinetic energy of the water molecules enough that the
polarity/attractions of the molecules aren't overcome by
their kinteic energy. And this condition does occur in

I did notice a dramatic decrease in the activity of the
fish in my tank when I did this but their appeance did not
degrade so long as I maintained the alignment of the water
molecules, which required wrapping the aquarium in
condensor coils from a somewhat bulky refrigeration

Frost on the outside of the glass panels presents a viewing
problem, but then you can't have everything. Otoh, there is
absolutely no algae growth and filtration, feeding,
fertilizing are no longer needed *at all*. Plus  the
stability of this tank promises to be rock solid for years
barring any electrical interruptions.

Scott H.
--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

> > In fact of the two major proponents of coils, the
> Dennerle
> > theory of benefit seems at odds with the Dupla theory.
> ONe
> > says they should be relatvively low wattage to work;
> the
> > other says they need to be relatively high wattage to
> work.
> > I suggest they can't both be right but they could both
> be
> > wrong.
> >
> > Scott H.
> As someone who's spent my $ on their products in the
> past, it would be the
> latter.
> I find it ironic that folks obsessed about PMDD, yet
> embraced cables. But
> DIY cables did come along and then went out of fashion.
> Did that too.
> Same result except much cheaper.

The biggest AGA Convention was an outstanding success. Two presentations by Jan Bastmeijer, two by Amano (one of which, Ben Bolton found to be a ribtickler). . .Walstad, Senske, Olvier Knott from Germany, Krombholtz. This was the most broadly international convention so far . . . People came from the USA, England, Italy, Poland, Netherleands, Germany, Japan, Canada . . .
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