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Re: [APD] Re: Substrate Heating

First of all, George and Karla's tanks are prettier than
mine. And that George and Karla's website inspired me into
serious aquatic gardening -- that and Erik Olson's "That
Darn Plant Tank".

--- gbooth at frii_com wrote:

>  Heating coil infidels like Scott and Tom scoff.

If I scoffed, it would have been funnier ;-) . I'm simply
trying to pass on what I have seen and heard. Expense
notwithstanding, coils are not *bad* things. But we don't
know what the purportedly beneficial mechanism is, that it
occurs, or that it is actually benefical. Along with that,
throw in the relatively high cost (as heaters go) and they
don't have a lot going for them. Nor do they have a lot
people going for them -- that's a scoff.

> >If there is current,
> >it could be the same water going back and forth without
> >mixing in the water column -- who knows?
> Warmer water would tend to rise, not go back and forth,
> IMHO. Or did you
> mean recirculate within the substrate without bringing in
> water from above
> the substrate?

By "back and forth" I meant the same water moving through
the substrate over and over again -- not much new going in
or out. I meant that, possibly, as soon as the water gets
up to the water column, and perhaps rises a little bit, the
temp diffs might decline. As the substrate surface inthe
places where water is being drawn down, it the same water
that just left, and over and over again.  Don't know that
it does or that it doesn't.

> >And if there are
> >currents, it woud seem they are not strong enough to
> make a
> >diff in plant growth
> I've never claimed better plant growth. I claim long term
> stability. I see
> no difference in plant growth.

If it isn't helping the fish and it isn't helping the
plants, what the heck are they doing that makes them
worthwhile? Do you mean that one needs clean the tank less
often or that the substrate needs less vacuuming? Or that
the substrate doesn't become foul? Can you explain
"stability"? It sort of sounds like the beneficial results
are long term ones that cannot be seen. That is indeed a
religious view -- (that's a scoff) ;-)  

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