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[APD] Re: Plants don't need no roots to grow well.

I have black eggcrate on the back and sides of my 90 gallon that I plant with h. difformis. I add the basic ingredients of PMDD to the tank in powder form, so it's all water column ferts. Works well.

I needed a better mechanical filter since my simple spillover into an in-tank sump wasn't getting the water clarity I wanted. So I've just added some perforated PVC pipes at the very bottom of the substrate, under a sheet of plastic insect screen and 4" of blasting grit (1-3mm) substrate. The perforated pipes are hard-piped back to a small pump, so the gravel bed is now a -mechanical- filter.

Huh, back to the old UGF except I'm hoping this won't clog as fast. Since the substrate has a high flow through it, it's not acting like a regular substrate with anaerobic conditions (except where it might clog). It's actually just a mechanical holder for the plants, just like the eggcrate on the sides. I'll report back in a few weeks on how well it works.


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