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Re: [APD] RE: barley straw

At 12:16 AM 11/10/04 -0800, you wrote:
> >From what I've read the pond folks have good success with barley straw.

>Ponds with high plant density and growth don't have algae.
>Same for planted tanks, the tanks with dense good plant growth don't have

The barely straw/peroxide issue doesn't answer the question
"how many plants should I have in my tank/pond?" it
answers the question "ok, I fixed that now how to I get rid
of the green thread stuff or the black bushy or staghorn stuff"
and the answer seems to be peroxide in small doses.

Here at the Bannockburn algal research institute preliminary
work shows that it's more effective (and seems to cause NO
damage to anything more advanced than an aglae cell) in long
term treatments in small doses than as a dip.

I'm still messing about with the stuff but I'll keep you
posted when I figure out what's what. Here's what I know now:

a 15 second dip in 3% won't kill any algae.
a 30 minute dip in .3% will. It will also kill hornwort.
topical applications of no more than 1cc/gal kills any type
of algae dead. make sure the water is circulating, snails
and shrimp may bumble into an area where peroxide is and
now know any better than to get out and die. But, if the
water is moving no snails, shrimp plants or fish are bothered.

it seems to hurt "soft" plants the most: hornwort, java moss,
etc. Crypts are totally unaffected by all but 3% and veen then 
they melt less than using bleach.

What I want to find is a safe dip that will quickly killl
all algae cells and a theraputic dose that will kill all
algae in a planted tank but not hurt anything else.

Somewhere between the h202 generated by barely straw and
that dumped in by well meanung aquarist I believe is a dosage
that will eradicate algae. And once it's gone, barring the intriduction
of any more algae there simply shouldn't be any in the
tank at all.


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