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[APD] Hagen Geo-system gravel

Has anybody else tried Hagen's Geo-System gravel? It comes in a variety of colours. I did a 24" tank in 'Black Coal' (it really is dark black!). It took 6 2kg bags I think. Each bag cost me £2.99. There were also 10kg bags for £12.99 (I think), and this is all at LFS prices, so it might be cheaper on the web. Now while that might seem expensive, it does seem to be another (at least slightly) porous substrate, and each bag of Flourite I buy costs me over £25 (I actually have the only two I've ever bought sitting at the end of my bed because I've never got round to setting up the tank it's supposed to go in!).

Actually I have had a problem with that tank. It's a goldfish tank, so it's at 21 degrees C. It's got a 15W and an 8W light over it, and Hagen Nutrafin CO2 (the yeast based thing). I haven't reached the end of the first yeast set and I've added no nutrients except fish food, Flourish and Excel, and everything (except the Bacopa which I think was nearly dead when I bought it) is growing like crazy! I've already taken out an entire stack of Cambomba and Elodea (well, Egeria Densa really), literally pulled it all out of the tank, cut off the tops and replanted them, and now the Vallis is about to take over, and the Elodea has grown up to the surface again in about a week. The Ludwigia Repens x Palustris (or something like that) has turned a lovely red colour on some of the newest leaves, but now I'm going to have to attack that as well. I've filled my tank with weeds! Aren't goldfish supposed to mow things down... you'd think 5 would have some impact, but no.

Is there any better way to deal with these noxious aquatic weeds? ;) And whats the best way of trimming plants? Is there a better way in a cramped tank than pulling out all the stem plants, and how to you trim non-stem plants i.e. Ludwigia?

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

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