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[APD] RE: cables #5

> >Long term stuff is nice to talk about but difficult to keep good track of
> >to compared a non cable tank.
> >If it takes 1 to 2 years to tell any subtle difference, I think there is
> >difference to begin with.
> A real lab-style comparison would be nice here, but I don't think anyone 
> has ever done it. Multi-year experiments probably aren't something too
> hobbyists want to try.
>       -Bill

Therein lies the crux of it, I can sell anything with that type of
I have not found anything in the research literature for support of heating
cables or increasing the flux in wetland soils are a benefit for planted
If you know of any, let me know. 
As far as LTS(long term stability), what the heck, if it does not grow the
pants better, then it's not going to help LTS anymore than any other type
of Fish tank now is it?
Why not have them on a fish only tanks also?

Since no one is able to do such a test, nor willing, and the effects are so
subtle they supposedly take years to see, and the things cost a lot...
Why even use them?

I can sell "magnetic water charms" that realign the water molecules and
claim the same thing.
Oh wait, someone does that already.  

"It takes several years to see the long term stability of this refrigerator
Mr Uroou, the North face here in the summer can warm up and spoil the dried
caribou....And who wants to go out outside at -40F when they can simply
open a door to get a snack?" 

While these things are funny, the reality of what goes on in the submersed
substrate is fairly well understood.
Some may want to add complexity to it and give up in hopelessness. 

If it does not have much/any effect and cost $, why bother.
I want less crap in my tank, less things to plug in, less things to break,
not more.

I was glad after messing with cables for years and realizing I did not need
nor even want them.
Knowing that made my life easier. 

I found then effects of using flourite dramatic though when I went to try
that product. So I was well prepared to note changes due to the substrate
since I'd done a lot already with the water column. You eliminate all the
other possibilties and then focus on one element at a time.  

Yes, it did take years but now I know... and that's why I'm such an 
heretical infidelous blasphermer. 
And that's my good qualities.

Tom Barr 


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