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[APD] Re: Mini compact fl for incandescent hoods

I've found the 6500K, 10 Watt compact fluorescent bulbs (screw in) available at Wal*Mart to be incredibly wonderful bulbs - two of these in an incandescent fixture with Co2, and you can grow almost anything.  They are made by LightsofAmerica, and are in a blue box. At my Wal*Mart, they are in the fish section, hidden near the various colored incandescent fish light bulbs.   LightsofAmerica does not list them on their site, and I think I remember a discussion about a reason for this. In any event, they are less than $5.00 a piece. They are NOT spiral.   EXCELLENT bulbs. Highly recommended.  I sometimes pick some up when I'm at Wal*mart just to have them in case they burn out and for some reason are made unavailable in the future!  (actually, this is making me feel like I better go get some more and horde them).  If you need a photo, I can give you a link to some pictures I posted in a thread.  

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