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[APD] RE: cables

I know this is repeat off of the OA and GB's site etc, but...........
I wanna someone to show that convection currents are a good thing in a
substrate, they certainly are not natural(actually the reverse, surfaces,
not the depths, are heated), they raise the redox value in the substrate,
and I've yet to see anything that suggest cables are good.
Why would slow currents be good?

I was just saying that that's what heating cable proponents claim. I think the biggest advantages to the cables is an efficient way to heat the tank, although a regular submersible heater is a whole lot easier.

George did warn:
"Heating coil infidels like Scott and Tom scoff."

They must put some interesting stuff in the water supplies out in Colorado! ;-)

Long term stuff is nice to talk about but difficult to keep good track of
to compared a non cable tank.
If it takes 1 to 2 years to tell any subtle difference, I think there is no
difference to begin with.

A real lab-style comparison would be nice here, but I don't think anyone has ever done it. Multi-year experiments probably aren't something too many hobbyists want to try.


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