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[APD] RE: cables

> The point I was trying to get at was that if you don't have areas of 
> localized heating in the substrate (which are only obtained with the 
> heating coils), then you won't have convection currents *within* the 
> substrate drawing nutrients in/out/through the substrate. That's the
> "good thing" said about heating cables, so that's what I'm referring to
> my example.
>       -Bill

I know this is repeat off of the OA and GB's site etc, but...........
I wanna someone to show that convection currents are a good thing in a
substrate, they certainly are not natural(actually the reverse, surfaces,
not the depths, are heated), they raise the redox value in the substrate,
and I've yet to see anything that suggest cables are good.
Why would slow currents be good?

Long term stuff is nice to talk about but difficult to keep good track of
to compared a non cable tank.
If it takes 1 to 2 years to tell any subtle difference, I think there is no
difference to begin with.

I'd say that the extra heat helped grow the bacteria faster, their cycling
allowed the tank to do better. Therefore the heat pad would produce the
same result. Show me it doesn't? 
It's very difficult, impossible perhaps, to show any difference with
something that is so subtle to begin with.
Dupla said this to support their product, not because it's true. Where's
the evidence? Lab or practical or otherwise?
I have not found it. 

If they want to come here and explain to me why this works and I should buy
it, fine. They need to offer more convincing results and support for their
To date, after over 15 years, that simply has not occured. George Booth
tried well.

The only arguement I've have heard worth it's salt is that "cables will not
hurt a tank"
But they will hurt your wallet.

Send me $ instead:-) 
I'm sure I have something laying around that will take 1-2 years to work
and be "subtlely better". 
With that kind of qualification and wording, I could sell about anything
and claim it works.

Tom Barr

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